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Cardiac Rehabilitation



'Phase lll' Monday & Thursday 2.15 - 4pm (1.15pm first time) - 2 x weekly for six weeks.


Education 3.15pm


For patients who have had a heart attack/heart surgery who are physically able to come in twice a week.


Attend 10 days after PPCI/after MI with no intervention or surgery. CABG/valve = 6 weeks.


1 Hour of graduated exercise & 3/4 hour topical education session.



'Fun Fit' Tuesday 2.15pm - 3.45pm (1.30pm for first time) - 1 x weekly for six weeks.


Education 3.00pm - 3.15pm


For patients who have had a heart attack/heart surgery, but have some limiting factors (e.g. mobility) - these are much gentler classes.


Attend 10 days after PPCI/after MI with no intervention or surgery, or 6 weeks after event, or 10 days if Medical Management. CABG/valve = 6 weeks.


3/4 Hour graduated exercise & 1 hour topical session.



'​Get Fit' Tuesday 4.45pm - 5.45pm (4.15 for first time) - 1 x weekly for eight weeks.


No education.


For patients who have had elective angiogram/angioplasty, but no specific cardiac event, e.g. heart attack/surgery. Valve replacement = 6 weeks.


1 Hour of graduated exercise only.



'Surgical' Wednesday 9.00am - 10.30am (8.45am for first time) - 1 x weekly for eight weeks.


Education 9.00am: 1st week patients have induction, following 7 weeks are education.


For patients who have had either CABG/ Bypass or valve surgery.



'Gentle Gym' Wednesday 12.30pm - 2.30pm (11.45am for first time) - 1 x weekly for 12 weeks.


Education 1.30pm.


For patients with specific heart failure (been for echocardiogram which shows poor ventricular function). A gentler exercise session.


1 Hour of graduated exercise with 1 hour topical education session.





Phase I -This phase covers the in-patient episode. Patients are seen on the wards by the nurse, who is in charge of their diagnostic category, (e.g. heart attack or angina) and they are given advice and written information to take home with them. Where possible, family or friends are included in these sessions.


Phase II -This phase covers the period from discharge until commencement of the formal out-patient exercise sessions. During this time patients receive telephone contact and support from the appropriate specialist nurse and are often seen in a nurse-led out-patient clinic.


Phase III - This phase covers the exercise and education component which is relevant to the individual patient. Patients are offered a place in a class which their specialist nurse feels will be most appropriate for them but flexibility within the classes is allowed for, in order that patients can attend the class that is most convenient for them.


Phase IV - Following the structured Phase III sessions, patients are encouraged to continue to build on the fitness levels that they have achieved.


Some patients prefer to continue their exercise independently (walking, swimming, cycling, etc.) but some opt to continue with the structure they have come to know. For these patients the cardiac rehabilitation unit runs a series of Phase IV classes which underpin the principles of risk factor modification, lifestyle change and continued exercise.

In order that all physical capabilities are catered for, "Step Down" classes are also offered under the umbrella of Phase IV. These classes cater for patients who have progressed from their Phase III class but who are not physically ready to join a strenuous phase IV programme.



We are also very lucky to be able to run this nurse led service. It takes place once a month, and gives patients the ability to have all questions answered, as well as having a nurse who they are familiar with at the end of the phone through all stages of their cardiac surgery.


Who are they for?

These sessions are run for patients who are awaiting cardiac surgery at the Bristol Heart Instute or Southampton General Hospital.


Course Structure

Patients are invited to attend an individual session after they have been put on the waiting list for cardiac surgery and before they are called for their operation. This one hour session comprises of advice regarding what to expect before and after their operation, dietary and medication information pre-surgery. Patients are also given advice regarding exercise levels pre- and post-surgery.

Patients are taught breathing techniques to aid them during their immediate post-operative phase.

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